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Synclaire Butler

The following work was written on the traditional lands of the Dena’ina people. I live and write on the land of the Dena’ina. I recognize the continued impacts of colonization on Alaska’s Indigenous and Black communities. In solidarity, always. Home I. Mouths come loose, when their hands get in the kitchen. Over hair grease and …

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“Not Native Enough” and Other Lies of Colonization: The Boarding Era and Stolen Culture

Benjamin Jacuk

“You aren’t Native enough” is a phrase most Native peoples have heard throughout their lives, regardless of whether they grew up in the city, the reservation, or the village. A lie derived from those whose standards are not our own but who have the most to gain from our disappearance, from those whose only point …

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Poems from the collection Eating Dignity

Itzel Zagal

Tamal Communion So, they say: Para todos los males: tamales. For all sadness: tamales. Tata fed me with corn from the Gods that declined to die. Graniceros, callers of rain: we do not pray on our knees, we offer our sweat. Madre Tonantzin accept these tamales! They are the blood and the flesh, spices braided …

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A photo of a blueberry bush with the words, "Postcards from the Rainforest, Southeast Alaska."

Introduction to Wrangell Rainforest

Vivian Mork Yéilk’ & Vivian Faith Prescott

The Tlingit have stewarded the land and ocean known as Tlingit Aaní, also called the Tongass National Rainforest, since time immemorial.
A basket of harvested spruce tips sitting on the ground as two brown rain boots stand next to it.

Spring Rainforest Postcard

Vivian Faith Prescott & Vivian Mork Yéilk’

Smoking Hooligan is a fishcamp tradition! Hooligan run in the Stikine River region around mid-April when the migratory birds arrive on the river flats.
Vivian Mork Yielk peeling Devil's Club.

Summer Rainforest Postcard

Vivian Mork Yéilk’ & Vivian Faith Prescott

I was born in s’áxt’ harvesting season, but my story begins 10,000 years ago in the Southeast Alaskan landscape. Many people know me as the “Devil’s Club Lady.”
An elder stands on a dock with their two dogs and is holding two giant fish. Behind them are mountains and water.

Fall Rainforest Postcard

Vivian Faith Prescott & Vivian Mork Yéilk’

Two weeks ago, we went out fishing in our boat for the fall coho salmon run, and my 81-year-old dad caught two cohos. Back at fishcamp, we cleaned and fileted the fish and packaged them up for the freezer.
Snow atop a lichen

Winter Rainforest Postcard

Vivian Mork Yéilk’ & Vivian Faith Prescott

Even in the winter, we are surrounded by a living world. Underneath the snow, everything is still alive. The sandpipers have migrated, and the berries have dropped on the ground or into our buckets.