Community Voices

A head shot of a woman with medium-light skin, long black hair, a black shirt, and turquoise earrings and necklace.
Emily Edenshaw
Community Connector
A Samoan woman with a pink flower in her long, dark hair and a maroon flower top.
Tafilisaunoa Toleafoa
Community Voice
An Indigenous Mexican woman with short graying hair, red lipstick and a maroon hoodie is smiling
Indra Arriaga
Community Voice
A smiling Haida and Tlingit woman with her dark hair pulled back is wearing an apron and holding a bowl.
Liz Medicine Crow
Community Voice
A smiling woman of Filipina ancestry has light brown hair and wearing a gray suit jacket.
Alma Parker
Community Voice
A headshot of Black woman with her hair up, wearing earings that read, "Black Girls Rock".
Jasmin Smith
Community Voice

Our Stories Our Art: Alaska

Our Stories Our Art is a Magazine of the National Folklife Network that highlights writers who share and reflect on their folklife in the NFN’s seven regions.

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