andrea valeria duarte-alonso

andrea valeria duarte-alonso is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and from the ancestral lands of the Nahuatl (Guerrero) and Purépecha (Michoacan) people. She has grown up living in rural communities in the midwest, and currently lives and works in Worthington, MN. At a very young age, andrea fell in love with reading novels and writing in her many journals. Her desire for storytelling has led her to further explore intersectional identities living in rural places, especially that of immigrants working in meatpacking communities. You can find her words in Barn Raiser, PRISM Reports, and the Minnesota Women’s Press. She’s also a poet and a storyteller. In her role as a community storyteller, andrea has collaborated with various organizations in the region and state to create the platform, Stories from Unheard Voices, by and for individuals who are first and second-generation immigrants living in Greater Minnesota. In this storytelling platform, andrea and other young women interview people about their experiences, challenges, and dreams.  

Andrea has a bachelor of arts degree in political science, English, and women’s studies from St. Catherine University. She’s currently working on her graduate teaching license as a 7-12th grade English Language Arts teacher. 

When she’s not crafting narratives or engaging with her community, andrea can be found exploring the outdoors with her partner, curled up watching a good film, or working on her graduate classes.