Fall Rainforest Postcard

Two weeks ago, we went out fishing in our boat for the fall coho salmon run, and my 81-year-old dad caught two cohos. Back at fishcamp, we cleaned and fileted the fish and packaged them up for the freezer.

Winter Rainforest Postcard

Even in the winter, we are surrounded by a living world. Underneath the snow, everything is still alive. The sandpipers have migrated, and the berries have dropped on the ground or into our buckets.

Home From a Farmhands Point of View

Home feels like a unique Midwest conversation. All the “Oh, I suppose I should get going” responses and the ensuing four-hour conversations with old retired cowboys make the small town of Colome feel like home.

Puerto Rico me hizo un hechizo

El aroma a café me despierta y el sol resplandeciente me arropa mientras paseo por la casa de abuela Aída. Las ansias me llevan hacia una brisa encantadora que me peina el cabello en la cocina donde me reciben unos ojos verdes.

An Inheritance of Sound

Morning. Hells Canyon, Idaho, and I wake to birdsong. Like most mornings, at least in spring and summer, but this morning, it is crow and quail rather than robin and raven.

Three Poems

We are swimsuits and water balloons and water guns and sprinklers
The summer arrives right on time, for us
Us – we a sight that can’t be missed
Us – we sunkissed, real swift

Our Heart Drum, Mnisota

I first met my fifth great-grandmother at the banks of our great Wakpa Tanka (Mississippi river). I see her amongst the trees, and together we sing about future generations as the sun sets across our Dakota Makoce (Dakota land). You can’t get to know our people and culture without knowing our water and land.

The Breath of Life 

I was trusted to carry this song when I was rekindling the dormant fires of my Indigenous identity. It was a time in my life when the white veil of colonization was being lifted, and the journey inward left me tracing my steps back to the Red Road, a term our Lakota relatives use to define a path of spiritual inclination, a path that lends us strength and renewal