Kristina Lucero

Kristina Lucero – Community Voice Kristina is a forward-thinking lawyer whose practice has focused primarily in advocacy of underrepresented voices in the criminal legal system. In order to accept the role of Director of the American Indian Governance and Policy Institute, she resigned from her position as a gubernatorial appointment for the Montana Board of … Read more

Winona Runsabove

Winona Rose Runsabove-KillEagle“Little Wolf Woman/ Pretty Flower Woman”Só’taeo’o, Tituŋwaŋ, Hudeshana, SisitoŋwaŋNakoda Researcher/InstructorFort Peck Tribal Language & Culture DepartmentClass 7 certified Nakoda Language Educator in the state of Montana.“My goal in Language and Cultural Education is to help our relatives learnwho they are and where they come from. By teaching our values, sacred rites andsharing stories … Read more

Luella Brien

As a journalist Luella Brien is able to share the triumphs and tragedies of her people, which she feels is the natural evolution of the Native storytelling tradition. She also believes strongly in serving her community. Has worked as a media consultant with the tribe, a communication arts instructor at Little Big Horn College, and … Read more

Jessyca Valdez

Jessyca Vianey Valdez Perez, a Mexican photographer with a unique and powerful mission. Originally from Toluca, Mexico, Jessyca traces her path into the world of photography 5 years ago, when her move to Jackson, Wyoming, ignited her creative flame to give voice to the silenced stories of the immigrant experience. With solid training in advanced … Read more

Sean Chandler

Sean Chandler—Community Connector Sean Chandler is an artist and enrolled member of the Aaniinen (Gros Ventre Nation). He is also the President of Aaniiih Nakoda College located on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. In 2016, Dr. Chandler was appointed to the Montana Arts Council and in 2022, he was appointed to the National Assembly of … Read more