Cohen Cosby III

Greetings, I am Cohen Powell Cosby III, proudly representing my roots as a native Washingtonian from the esteemed northwest quadrant of the nation’s capital. My academic journey led me to the illustrious Texas Southern University, where I earned degrees in BA Communication and Psychology, laying the foundation for my multifaceted career. 

Throughout my professional tenure, I have traversed the landscape of corporate America, contributing my expertise to roles within the DC government and esteemed PR firms, where I honed my skills in communication and strategic planning. 

Beyond the confines of traditional employment, I have immersed myself in the vibrant world of event coordination and promotion for over a decade. Specializing in live music and event planning, my passion for R&B and DC’s iconic go-go music has been a driving force behind my success. Whether orchestrating my own events or collaborating with esteemed teams, my dedication to creating unforgettable experiences is unwavering.

In tandem with my event endeavors, I have remained deeply committed to community advocacy and activism. Over the past decade, I have lent my support to esteemed organizations such as ManUp Mentoring and Don’t Mute DC, striving to effect positive change and uplift the voices of underserved communities.

For the past five years, I have steered the helm of my digital marketing agency, where I specialize in empowering small businesses and nonprofit organizations to harness the power of social media. Through strategic digital campaigns, I assist clients in achieving their objectives and fostering meaningful connections with their target audiences.

Driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for serving others, I am dedicated to making a lasting impact both professionally and within my community.