A smiling Black man with short hair, wearing black glasses and a red polo shirt, leans against a wall with this arms crossed.

Corey Travis—Community Connector

Corey Travis is a regionally known community activist, business owner, educator, graphic designer, hospitality specialist, and professional musician with mixed performance ability in percussion, keyboards/piano, and vocals. Corey began his performing arts journey in the 1st grade taking piano lessons and soon learning other instruments which lead to playing marching percussion. He pursued a degree in Music Education and performed as a member of the Miles College Choir, later becoming a percussionist for the University of Memphis Bands where he specialized in melodic, marching, and hand percussion. Corey is a proponent of teaching percussion and music to youth and has created numerous successful performing arts programs in the Mid-South area. His latest community project is the founding of the Memphis Youth Arts Initiative, providing pageantry performance opportunities to the youth of Memphis as a nonprofit organization.

Over his life he has mastered many talents and abilities that allow him to serve effectively in many arenas while always remaining a creative. As a native of Memphis and a 2003 graduate of Raleigh Egypt High School, he gave over 12 years to Legacy Memphis City Schools as a celebrated creator of Elementary Performing Arts and also serving as a Family Engagement Specialist. He has worked in hospitality for over 15 years excelling in Restaurants, Catering, and Hotel Services. His contributions to the Memphis community and abroad are widely respected and cherished by the many families and lives he has affected through the arts!

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