Debra Brandon

A headshot of a medium light skin African American woman with braids up in two pigtails, glasses, and red lipstick.

Debra Brandon—Community Voice

Debra Brandon is a driven and accomplished marketing project manager, as well as the founder of, a dynamic marketing agency specializing in creative campaigns for clients. With a deep passion for the digital space, Debra started in 2019, drawing on her previous experience as a successful retail brand owner to help customers learn and grow in the digital realm.

From a young age, Debra has been drawn to the arts, from participating in choirs and dance companies to creating compelling digital media. Her love of the arts has led her to focus on working with and connecting artists to the resources they need to succeed, and she has become known for her talent in event planning and creative direction. In addition to her work in marketing, Debra is also an accomplished photographer, capturing stunning images of people and places alike. Originally from Vallejo, California, Debra currently resides in Memphis, TN, where she is inspired by the abundance of talented individuals in the community.

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