Dorimar Ferrer

An Afro-Latina wearing a black shirt is holding a Puerto Rican flag.

Dorimar Ferrer—Community Voice

Dorimar Ferrer is a Latinx actress and theatre administrator from Bayamón, Puerto Rico. She came to Memphis 14 years ago and holds a Bachelors in Professional Studies with a Concentration on Theater and Nonprofit Management from University of Memphis. She was selected as a 40 Under 40 class of 2021 leaders and “Women who lead” by Memphis Business Journal as well as a 2021 NALAC Fellow. In addition to acting, she is the Executive Director of Cazateatro Bilingual Theater Group whose goal is to share the Latino culture with Memphis’s city through the performing arts and cultural events, building a bridge to close and solidify union, communication, and family interaction between different cultures. She started in theater at the young age of 7 in Puerto Rico, and from that moment, the theater became part of her. Since 2011 enjoys the honor of being an actress, volunteer, and advocate of the organization Cazateatro Bilingual Theater Group. Dorimar’s personal goal is to every day bring her passion and love for the theater and her culture to the communities in Memphis. She hopes to show the communities that the arts are for everyone no matter what your language or social status, and through the arts, each human being is unique, relatable, and capable of creating great things together.

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