Indra Arriaga

An Indigenous Mexican woman with short graying hair, red lipstick and a maroon hoodie is smiling

Indra Arriaga Delgado—Community Voice

Indra Arriaga Delgado is a Mexican artist, writer, and organizer living and working in Alaska. Indra’s work has shown internationally in Mexico, Germany, Oman, Bulgaria, France and Armenia. Nationally, she has exhibited in Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, Camarillo, CA, New York, NY, San Antonio, TX, Miami, FL, and in various cities in Alaska. In addition to her work in the visual arts, Indra works as an independent consultant doing economic and social research statewide and internationally, and as freelance writer. Indra serves on the Board of Perseverance Theatre, and serves as the Artistic Director for the Out North Fringe Festival, a progressive arts organization with a mission to advance contemporary art in Anchorage, support under-represented voices, and promote cultural dialogue by amplifying the alternative voice.