Kelsey Ciugun Wallace

A young woman wearing a black shirt posing with her hands on her hips.

Kelsey Ciugun Wallace—Community Voice

Kelsey Ciugun Wallace is from Mamterilleq (Bethel), Alaska located on the Kuskokwim River. Yup’ik and Irish, Wallace’s maternal grandparents are the late Tsaliaq Moses Mojin and Ciukaq Mary Mojin of Nunapicuaq. Wallace’s paternal grandparents are the late Shirley and John Wallace of Wisconsin with ties to Northern Ireland. Wallace is the daughter of John Wallace and Sheila Cingarkaq Mojin of Bethel and Nunapicuaq. Kelsey’s upbringing in rural Alaska continues to define her worldview. This worldview is shaped by the values and knowledge she gains through the strength and teachings of the Yupiit Yuuyarait: the Yup’ik Ways of the Human Being. Wallace holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Rural Development with a concentration in Indigenous Organizational management and a Yugtun (Yup’ik) language minor. Wallace has served within the Alaska Native communications sector for over a decade, bringing forward her values and worldview and integrating them into her everyday life and work. Wallace has been recognized on a local, state, and national level for her contributions to the Alaska Native community and the communications sector. Outside of work and volunteer opportunities, Ciugun is dedicated to holistic wellness, learning more about the Yup’ik ways of living, and intentionally integrating cultural values and ways of life into her approach with parenting.