Kristina Lucero

Kristina Lucero – Community Voice

Kristina is a forward-thinking lawyer whose practice has focused primarily in advocacy of underrepresented voices in the criminal legal system. In order to accept the role of Director of the American Indian Governance and Policy Institute, she resigned from her position as a gubernatorial appointment for the Montana Board of Pardons and Parole as a Parole Board member. In this role, Kristina was known for her thorough preparation and attention to cultural competency for State agencies by continuing to bring to light systematic barriers in our legal system. She attributes her unwavering commitment to protecting people’s rights to her nearly decade’s worth of combined work as a Public Defender and Tribal prosecutor. Through her professional endeavors, Kristina has become a respected proponent for accountability and equity and has built a reputation as an advocate dedicated to Indigenous communities. Kristina is an enrolled citizen of the Tseycum Band of the Saanich First Nations (British Columbia) and considers herself an aspiring Coast Saish Diplomat, as she’s integrated herself and set roots in Montana: she is a University of Montana law school alumna, and is the proud mother of two young men who were born and raised in Missoula. In addition to her legal work, Kristina is also an active member of her community, volunteering her time and expertise to a number of organizations and causes.