Memphis, TN

Community Voices

A smiling Black man with short hair, wearing black glasses and a red polo shirt, leans against a wall with this arms crossed.
Corey Travis
Community Connector
An Afro-Latina wearing a black shirt is holding a Puerto Rican flag.
Dorimar Ferrer
Community Voice
A headshot of a medium light skin African American woman with braids up in two pigtails, glasses, and red lipstick.
Debra Brandon
Community Voice
An Indian woman poses for a photo while dressed in her traditional dancing attire.
Jayashree Kumar
Community Voice
A smiling Black woman wearing a brown hat, wooden earrings, and a patterned dress.
Tracey Brown
Community Voice

Our Stories Our Art: Memphis, TN

Our Stories Our Art is a Magazine of the National Folklife Network that highlights writers who share and reflect on their folklife in the NFN’s seven regions.

Memphis Folklife Network News:


No matter where you are, art is culture. It’s tied to place and holds the history of the people who live and create in those places. It can help us make sense of the experiences we share, and those we don’t. And every place has unique cultural roots and artistic traditions. Memphis is known for … Read more
MYAI, Corey Travis
MYAI, Corey Travis
An Indian dance teacher stands with a group of Black children in an auditorium.
Jay Kumar poses with her students at a recent class.

CazaTeatro. Dorimar Ferrer