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Northern Plains

A picture of the Welcome to South Dakota sign featuring Mt Rushmore. Behind the sign is a green pasture.

Home From a Farmhands Point of View

Allie Spellman

Home feels like a unique Midwest conversation. All the “Oh, I suppose I should get going” responses and the ensuing four-hour conversations with old retired cowboys make the small town of Colome feel like home.
A woman with long dark hair, wearing a black long sleeve, a yellow, orange and maroon ribbon skirt, holding a drum with four hands imprinted onto it. She is standing in a river looking off.

Our Heart Drum, Mnisota

Tanaǧidaŋ To Wiŋ

I first met my fifth great-grandmother at the banks of our great Wakpa Tanka (Mississippi river). I see her amongst the trees, and together we sing about future generations as the sun sets across our Dakota Makoce (Dakota land). You can’t get to know our people and culture without knowing our water and land.