Pedro Adorno

A head shot of a man with medium light skin, a goatee, and short curly dark hair.

Pedro Adorno Irizarry—Community Connector

Pedro Adorno Irizarry is founder and artistic director of Agua, Sol y Sereno (ASYS). He is a film and theater director, actor, plastic artist and cultural manager. He began his career in the eighties with the group Los Teatreros Ambulantes de Cayey, directed by the renowned theater artist Rosa Luisa Márquez and the maestro Antonio Martorell. In 1989 he moved to Nicaragua to work with the MECATE cultural group, offering theater workshops in rural communities. Later he moved to Vermont, where he worked for three years with the Bread & Puppet Theater. In 1993 in Puerto Rico he and Cathy Vigo founded Agua, Sol y Sereno (ASYS), from where he is related to the plastic arts in the construction of masks, sculptures and visual arts. Adorno Irizarry has directed various works from the ASYS repertoire, including “Una de cal y una de arena”, an emblematic piece of the group. In addition, he has directed educational workshops and artist residencies, both nationally and internationally, and has participated in theater festivals in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

In 2004, with Emilio Rodríguez he founded CineSató, a film production house with which they wrote and directed the feature film “El Clown”, a film that won two Ópera Prima Awards at the Chicago Latino Film Festival in 2007. As a plastic artist he has held exhibitions and artist residencies. For his cultural and community artistic work he has received various awards. Adorno Irizarry earned his Master of Arts in Education from Goddard College of Vermont/Seattle. In addition to remaining as artistic director of Agua, Sol y Sereno, the artist works as a professor of the Master’s in Cultural Management at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.