“Earlier this month I was involved with an installation of my work “When We Used To Be” for @mountaintimearts Yellowstone Revealed in @yellowstonenps ….My work (b&w tipi frames/liners) addressed how my people lived whole/fluently within our Indigenous Lifeways vs. today in an altered/un-whole controlled existence that we continue build within/upon ancestral framework. There’s more to that explanation but that’s good enough for now…I created two new paintings for this—“When We Used To Be” and “When We Became No One”… It was a great week working alongside Ben Pease and his installation of the multi-colored tipis. Thanks to MTA-Francesca Rodriguez, Mary Ellen Strom, Ren Freeman, Ben Lloyd and all for this opportunity. Special thanks to the wicked crew for helping me (Mary Ellen, Joe, Dan, Anne, John, Stephen, Jim) couldn’t have accomplished this without you all!”

— Sean Chandler, Community Connector, NFN RMW

Rocky Mountain West