Tracey Brown

A smiling Black woman wearing a brown hat, wooden earrings, and a patterned dress.

Tracey Brown—Community Voice

Tracey Brown started her career in the arts as a spoken word artist and actress in community theatre. Performing on stage, she learned the power of words, and how great stories can move people. Full of stories herself, she transitioned into writing her own. After careful study, and mentorships, Tracey tapped into her gift, and emerged with a powerful voice as a writer, and playwright. In 2020, Tracey wrote and produced her first theatrical production, Six Degrees (Evergreen Theater, Memphis, TN) which opened to sold out crowds, and critical acclaim. Her film credits include the short films Between Sisters, The Guy Code, Extra Credit, and Not My Friends (web series). Her diverse catalog highlights her ability to transition from one genre to another, and from stage to screen effortlessly. Having stepped into the film industry full time, Tracey believes that her writing can impact the world, and uses it to uplift her community, as well as inspire the next generation of writers. She frequently lends her talents to summer youth programs as well as mentoring younger writers. Always in touch with social issues, Tracey has been actively writing and producing projects that deal with breast cancer, providing awareness through stage and screen. Tracey is currently working on adapting her stage play Six Degrees into a screenplay, a pilot for a television series called The Intern, and works as a freelance writer for hire for film, theatre, and magazines.