Washington, D.C.

Community Voices

A smiling Black woman with long, blonde braids is wearing a black dress with gold circles, black glasses, and red lipstick.
Dr. Natalie Hopkinson
Community Connector
A headshot of a Black man in a a suit and red tie with a shaved head and full beard, goatee, and glasses is smiling.
Bryan Jenkins
Community Voice
A Black woman with her hair in braids just passed her shoulders. She is wearing a black dress and standing in front of a shelf holding two pots and a mirror.
Taylar Enlow
Community Voice
A smiling Black woman with short, natural hair, wearing a multi-colored shirt and necklace with plants behind her.
Geneva Greene
Community Voice
A Black man standing against a red wall wearing a a black hat and shirt that reads, "I'm not a Gentrifier, I've been been here. DC Native."
Ronald Moten
Community Voice
A Black man smiling at the camera.
Cohen Cosby III
Community Voice

Our Stories Our Art: Washington, D.C.

Our Stories Our Art is a Magazine of the National Folklife Network that highlights writers who share and reflect on their folklife in the NFN’s seven regions.

D.C. Folklife Network News

The Don’t Mute DC coalition of artists, activists and scholars launched a new partnership with the National Folklife Network (an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts) with two Black Music Month events celebrating the links between go-go music, fashion, and photography. Read More…