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Youth Writers

A picture of the Welcome to South Dakota sign featuring Mt Rushmore. Behind the sign is a green pasture.

Home From a Farmhands Point of View

Allie Spellman

Allie Spellman highlights the unabashed wisdom of midwestern small town Colome.
A black and white photo of elders celebrating a birthday with a cake.

Puerto Rico me hizo un hechizo

Carolina Aguayo Plá

Carolina Aguayo Plá Alisha escribe sobre la cultura, la vida y la diversidad en Puerto Rico compartiendo historias familiares.
A view of the entrance to Melrose Stadium, a staple and cultural landmark, in Orange Mound, one of the first Black neighborhoods in America and the birthplace and home of my father and his family.

Three Poems

Janay Kelley

Janay Kelley poetically shares her experiences growing up in Memphis, TN.

A Merry-Go-Round of Gifts: Gift Exchange in a Korean American Neighborhood

Jenny Sophia Yi

Jenny Sophia Yi examines community during the start of the pandemic by sharing her Korean gift-giving cultural practice.