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Youth Writers

A picture of the Welcome to South Dakota sign featuring Mt Rushmore. Behind the sign is a green pasture.

Home From a Farmhands Point of View

Allie Spellman

Home feels like a unique Midwest conversation. All the “Oh, I suppose I should get going” responses and the ensuing four-hour conversations with old retired cowboys make the small town of Colome feel like home.
A black and white photo of elders celebrating a birthday with a cake.

Puerto Rico me hizo un hechizo

Carolina Aguayo Plá

El aroma a café me despierta y el sol resplandeciente me arropa mientras paseo por la casa de abuela Aída. Las ansias me llevan hacia una brisa encantadora que me peina el cabello en la cocina donde me reciben unos ojos verdes.
A view of the entrance to Melrose Stadium, a staple and cultural landmark, in Orange Mound, one of the first Black neighborhoods in America and the birthplace and home of my father and his family.

Three Poems

Janay Kelley

We are swimsuits and water balloons and water guns and sprinklers The summer arrives right on time, for us Us – we a sight that can’t be missed Us – we sunkissed, real swift

A Merry-Go-Round of Gifts: Gift Exchange in a Korean American Neighborhood

Jenny Sophia Yi

Koreans have “more gifting occasions, a wider exchange network, and more frequent giving of practical gifts” compared to other countries and cultures. The gifts are shared in efforts to build and strengthen relationships with the circulation of goods.